Our Story

Bringing Your Creative Individuality & Excellence to Life

“Within our creative community, everyone's experience and journey throughout their drama school training is unique.”

Stacey Williams, Aelfa Academy of Dramatic Arts Co-Founder

Who We Are

When looking for a London Drama School to best support your creative journey, all aspects of Dramatic Arts are at the heart of the Aelfa Academy. Acting courses to Performing Arts courses. So whether you want to learn how be a 'Professional Actor', a more versatile 'Triple Threat' Performer, an aspiring 'Dancer' or any other 'Unique' variation of a performer - Aelfa Academy of Dramatic Arts has a place for you. Our academy offers highly effective professional Full-Time and Part-Time Acting & Performing Arts courses and qualifications, designed specifically for your success in the professional industry of Theatre, Film & TV performance and entertainment. A drama school training that is more affordable and designed to fit around your commitments.

Aelfa Academy's student success is achieved through the process of developing expertise in the following three areas:

The Craft/ The Performance/ The Industry

Aelfa Academy of Dramatic Arts is a unique acting and performance school, in the sense that Aelfa works more like a ‘theatrical company’ than a typical UK drama school. The moment you join Aelfa, you are immediately a member of the extended Aelfa company. From the very first instance you will experience a combination of old ‘rep’ style training, fused with more traditional technique based drama school training, alongside an organic process of individual creative development.

This environment encourages professional independence, as well as a strong sense of Aelfa community. At Aelfa you will never be just another number on the student enrollment list. We believe that individuals grow quicker in ability & confidence and are more successful professionally when there is a strong sense of belonging.

What We Do

Every day at Aelfa is busy, vibrant , fun and challenging with our flexible timetable approach to Drama School training, that is geared to suit academy production and personal student learning and life demands. Students on our full time Acting & Performing Arts courses, study Acting, Movement and Voice as core discipline areas and then layer these studies with further dance, musical theatre and theatre technique classes, allowing the individual to acquire the skills needed to be a solid all round performer. Our part-time courses are more streamed according to the courses main intensive focus.

At every level students validate their professional vocational journey with recognized qualifications awarded by Trinity College London. Please refer to our course details for more information.

Due to Aelfa’s belief that everyone has the right to succeed and fulfil their dreams - class numbers are kept less than the average performance college, so that each student receives the care and attention they deserve. This gives each Aelfa student an almost one-to-one training in some areas of the course. At Aelfa you will work with industry expert coaches who are either currently working in industry or within other well known London Drama Schools. All coaches have outstanding teaching ability and a true passion for sharing and inspiring others with their knowledge and application of the professional world.

At Aelfa Academy of Dramatic Arts the fact is - you matter! Your success is also the academy’s success. Everything is geared towards one thing and one thing only:

Your Creative Individuality & Excellence!

Meet Our Team

Train With Us
Stacey Williams (Tutor Headshot)

Stacey Williams

Academy Director and Head of Acting & Performance/Co-Founder
Emma Headshot BW

Emma Williams

Academy Director and Head of Movement/Co-Founder
Ian Belsey (Tutor-Headshot)

Ian Belsey

Singing Coach
Chris Cresswell (Tutor Headshot)

Chris Cresswell

Clowning & Physical Theatre Coach
Louise Jones (Tutor Headshot)

Louise Jones

Voice & Accents
Phillippa Strandberg-Long (Tutor Headshot)

Phillippa Strandberg-Long

Meisner Technique Coach & Production Director
Sonnie Beckett (Tutor Headshot) (535×800)

Sonnie Beckett

Acting & Audition Technique Coach & Production Director
Stephanie Hume (Tutor Headshot)

Stephanie Hume

Casting Director & Industry Advisor
Andrew Hayler (Tutor-Headshot)

Andrew Hayler

Acting Coach & Production Director
Brigid Lohrey (Tutor Headshot)

Brigid Lohrey

Spolin Coach & Production Director
Max 33 BW

Maximillian Hooper

Stage Combat Choreographer, Acting for Screen Coach & Aelfa Academy Admin Officer
Matt Salmon (Tutor-Headshot)

Matt Salmon

Acting for Screen Coach & Cinematographer
Jon Booth (TutorHeadshot)

Jonathan Booth

1st Year Production Director
Aelfa will not be accepting applications for training courses for 2018/20
For 'Professional Performers/Actors' interested in Agency Representation or Production work with Aelfa Century Theatre Company - please email CV & Headshot to admin@arelfa-ada.co.uk