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As a community The Aelfa Academy of Dramatic Arts in no way, shape or form discriminates against our applicants. Offers are not made based on a persons ethnicity, sex, religion, disability or sexuality. Offers are made solely on the basis of an applicants potential, skill & ability to enter the profession.

We encourage applicants to disclose any relevant disability, impairment, or condition so that we can guarantee the appropiate support is in-place during your audition process & time at Aelfa.


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Headshots for Application Page Emma and Stacey

Headshots for Application Page

Join the Aelfa Academy Experience

The Full-Time Acting Course - Audition Content

The Aelfa Academy audition will be approximately 1 hour in  duration. Applicants will be required to:

  • Perform 2 Monologues (1 x Classical 1600-1700’s/1 x Contemporary post 1950’s).
  • Work with an academy director on one of the monologues to assess creativity.
  • 16 bars of a Song of applicants choice (Verse & Chorus to mp3 backing track).
  • Interview with academy directors.

Aelfa looks for professional potential and a pure honest drive to discover excellence in ones self, as well as an individual who is ready to be a company player! If that's you please fill out the application form because we'd love to meet you.

*For more information regarding the dance, directing or industry preparation course audition/acceptance process - please send in your application. You can also contact the academy admin department who'd be happy to answer your questions.


Matt Salmon (Tutor-Headshot)

Matt Salmon

Film Director
Fantastic london drama school, the teachers are extremely professional with tons of experience in all their fields. Everyone is extremely friendly and the place really feels like a professional theatre company. Love being there, love working with everyone and couldn't recommend it more to anyone who wants to study acting, dance, theatre studies, singing, acting for screen and so much more!

Marie Kemp

"There is no place like Aelfa Academy of Dramatic Arts.  Students become a family in a hard-working environment with dedicated teachers who never put limits on their pupils.  From day one you are taught that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it and diversity is celebrated.  Thanks to the small class sizes, you are guaranteed individual attention from your tutors.  It also means that you can form firm friendships with other students in different year groups.  When you leave Aelfa you can be sure that not only will you have a brilliant work ethic and fantastic skills, you will also have friends and contacts in the industry.  Being part of an up and coming drama school is exciting because you are the foundations!  You work with the same experienced teachers who also work at other drama schools.  At Aelfa I have been given the opportunity through my teachers to do 3 professional acting jobs whilst still in training!  While most drama schools like to keep their students behind closed doors for 3 years before being thrown into the big wide world, Aelfa believes in a more gradual approach that begins during your training."

Brett Bradford

"The reason I chose Aelfa was because they offered far more opportunities then other universities. They give you every possible skill you could want, and more, which enables you to grow in versatility in your ability giving you choices when you enter the industry; and it's this versatility and freedom that I love."

Claudia Dale

"I chose Aelfa because of its unique ethos and training. Within the last three years I have had exceptional training in all areas of performance, ranging from classical acting to musical theatre and even stand-up comedy! Not only have I learnt new skills but I am encouraged to write and create material, meaning I have the tools to create my own work. Aelfa has shown me what it means to be a versatile performer and given me the tools and confidence to be industry ready when I graduate. I have loved my training here and could not imagine myself anywhere else! I would recommend Aelfa to anyone wanting to develop their performance craft in a welcoming, "family feel" collective with some of the most inspirational tutors!"

Duncan Hendry

"Aelfa might call a historic building its home, but Aelfa is more than bricks and mortar, its strength lies in the people who make it a vivacious and a dynamic hive of creativity. I originally wanted to go to a university, but that truly was just a building - there was no soul, no buzz. Aelfa cultivates originality, passion, and the drive to be the very best. Whether it's contemporary dance, Chekhov, script-writing, acting for screen, clowning, voice, singing, there was no end to what I thought was attainable during my time at Aelfa. I wouldn't be the same person if it wasn't for everything I achieved at Aelfa, and I most definitely wouldn't be in this industry."

William Desmond

"Monday morning blues does not exist at Aelfa, there is not one day that I do not want to spend my time doing something I love: performing, and who wouldn't? Aelfa provides some of the best training in London at a competitive rate for students with this intensive course learning the maximum you can in term time. Thanks to Aelfa I can make a dream of being a performer a reality."
Aelfa will not be accepting applications for training courses for 2018/20
For 'Professional Performers/Actors' interested in Agency Representation or Production work with Aelfa Century Theatre Company - please email CV & Headshot to