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Emma Williams

Academy Director and Head of Movement/Co-Founder

Emma is a professionally trained dancer and choreographer with BA (Hons) in Dance Performance. Emma has been coaching and choreographing professional work and aspiring trainee performers for 15 years. She is also a qualified QTS teacher and teacher of Contemporary Dance exams with the National Association of Teachers of Dancing.

Emma is joint founder of Aelfa Academy of Dramatic Arts with the responsibility of Head of Movement and Pastoral Care. Artistically she works from the point of view that narrative is at the heart of life and movement and dance should always work in collaboration and not segregated.

She is passionate about pushing the boundaries of movement and challenging audiences in order to evoke emotion and questioning. This same technique is applied within the training environment encouraging all to succeed in movement and not just those who consider themselves dancers.

Other Members

Stacey Williams (Tutor Headshot)

Stacey Williams

Academy Director and Head of Acting & Performance/Co-Founder
Ian Belsey (Tutor-Headshot)

Ian Belsey

Singing Coach
Chris Cresswell (Tutor Headshot)

Chris Cresswell

Clowning & Physical Theatre Coach
Louise Jones (Tutor Headshot)

Louise Jones

Voice & Accents
Aelfa will not be accepting applications for training courses for 2018/20
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