1 Year Foundation in Acting & Performance

This 1 Year Foundation in Acting and Performance course is a Level 4 Diploma from Trinity College London (Equivalent to 1st Yr BA Hons). Recognised nationally by the ‘National Qualification Framework’ (NQF)

Course Objective:

Our 1 Year Foundation in Acting and Performance is designed to expose students to ‘The Craft’ - introducing and developing the skills needed to become a professional actor and performer. This 1 Year Foundation in Acting and Performance course covers an array of performance subject areas in order to fill the ‘Performers Toolbox’. 

Students study their foundation year by training within a 'Company Style' approach. Meaning from the beginning of your Aelfa Academy journey, you become a full company member. Working alongside advanced students on company performance projects and benefiting from a peer  to peer learning style which emulates the industry more efficiently and leans towards the 'old days' of Rep Theatre. 


In our 1 Year Foundation in Acting and Performance course,  students cover the following subject areas and more:

  • Stanislavski System
  • Meisner Technique
  • Michael Chekhov Technique
  • Movement & Fitness for the Acting
  • Dance Styles (Ballet/Contemporary/Musical Theatre)
  • Voice Technique
  • Singing (Solo & Ensemble)
  • Clowning & Physical Theatre



Term 1: Learn Your Skills

Term One is all about technique. All classes will be focused in :



  • Neutralising bad performance habits.
  • Introducing technique with in-depth understanding of the mechanics of the practice.
  • Assessing progression.

Term 2: Refine Your Skills

Term Two allows the student to continue with technique whilst refining skills learnt by applying them to performance opportunities: 


  • Continued and extended technique in all areas.
  • Begin work on the solo exam content.
  • 2 Performance Projects - covering all performance disciplines.
  • Stage Management of 2nd Year Production.

Term 3: Qualify Your Skills

Term Three is focused on student exam work and is qualified during July by Trinity College London. This term involves:


  • Stage and rehearse exam work.
  • Continue with technique classes.
  • Take the ‘Associate’ Diploma exam in July and perform exam work in an in-house showcase.

1yr Foundation: Qualification

Associate Trinity College London Diploma (Level 4)



  • Equivalent to a foundation degree year or HNC
  • 100% Practical.
Aelfa will not be accepting applications for training courses for 2018/20
For 'Professional Performers/Actors' interested in Agency Representation or Production work with Aelfa Century Theatre Company - please email CV & Headshot to admin@arelfa-ada.co.uk