2 Year Advanced Acting Course

This 2 Year Advanced Acting and Performance course is a Level 6 Diploma from Trinity College London (Equivalent to a Full BA Hons in Acting). Recognised nationally by the ‘National Qualification Framework’ (NQF)

Course Objective:

The aim of our 2 Year Advanced Acting and Performance Course, is to secure an Aelfa student’s stage craft ready for the industry. Firstly, as an Aelfa student, you will follow the 1 Year Foundation in Acting syllabus in order to build your actor's toolbox. Then during the 2 Year Advanced Acting and Performance Course continues you intensify the focus on what it really takes to have a successful career as an actor and performer in the entertainment industry. This study has a continued focus on encouraging creative individuality, so that each student stand out from the crowd. 


Students study for 2 Years within a 'Company Style' approach. Meaning from the beginning of your Aelfa Academy journey, you become a full company member. Working alongside Advanced and Foundation students on company projects, emulating the industry more efficiently and leaning towards the 'old days' of Rep Theatre. Additional subject areas of study that build from the Foundation in Acting include:

  • Acting for Screen
  • Stage Management
  • Devising & Choreography
  • Professional Public Performances
  • In-House Agency Representation
  • Further Practitioners

Term 1: Rep Season One

2nd Year of Study ~

Two Performance Projects (May roll into Term 2):

  • Devised
  • Classical or Pre 1950's
  • Performed in a Professional Performance Venue
  • Continued technique classes

Term 2: Rep Season Two

2nd Year of Study ~

Short Film Making & Showreel Production

Students take film making & Acting for Screen Classes before producing their own short film in which they star as well as produce.

  • Scene Study - (Focused on the 1800's to the present day)

  • Dissertation and Written Exam Preparation

  • Conituned Technique Classes
  • Begin work on the 'Full Aelfa Company Musical'

Term 3: Exam Units

2nd Year of Study ~

Performance Exam / Written Paper & Dissertation.

  • Devise and Stage own 30min show for Trinity Examination
  • Sit creative written paper at Trinity Headquarters
  • Complete 4000 word Dissertation focused on 'What it takes to be a Professional Performer'



2YR Advanced Qualification:


Licentiate Trinity College London Diploma (Level 6)

  • Equivalent to a Full BA Hons in Acting
  • 1yr 100% Practical
  • 2yr 30% Practical & 60% Theory


During the 2 Year Advanced Acting and Performance Course the students are also advised on:

  • Headshots
  • CV
  • Online Profiles
  • Agency Representation
  • Audition Preparation

However, for more intensive focus on Industry Business & Preparation, students are advised to enroll on the 'Intensive Industry Preparation Short Course'


Aelfa will not be accepting applications for training courses for 2018/20
For 'Professional Performers/Actors' interested in Agency Representation or Production work with Aelfa Century Theatre Company - please email CV & Headshot to admin@arelfa-ada.co.uk