How to pay your Drama School Fees:

We are proud, here at Aelfa Academy, to continue to sustain our independent London drama school status as a place of learning, as it allows us as an academy to continue our unique vocational training methods. However, this does mean that Aelfa students are not eligible for traditional government issued student loansHowever, we understand that a one of the biggest questions on all potential drama school students' minds is: How will I pay my Drama School Fees?

For this reason, here at Aelfa Academy of Dramatic Arts, we will always provide full-time courses with affordable drama school fees. Our Drama School fees are considerably lower than the equivalent yearly university tuition fee for a course holding the same degree level qualification.  To support our students through payment of their tuition fees we provide a selection of effective payment options to enable all talented and aspiring actors/performers the chance to receive elite and bespoke training.

**When considering Aelfa as a place of study for a full-time course, we advise you to have already sourced a way to pay the fees.  

Aelfa Scholarships:

It may be possible for exceptionally gifted students to receive scholarship funding to reduce their drama school fees. This is at the discretion of the academy and made on consistent appraisal of the skill and work ethics of the student. 



Our Affordable Tuition Fees (2017-2018)

These are the current financial investments that come as part of our top-tier training:

1 Year - Foundation in Acting & Performance: Total = £6,000 (Plus £500 deposit)

2 Year - Advanced Acting & Performance: Total = £6,000 Per Year (Plus £500 deposit per year)

(*Therefore including yearly deposits the full 2 year Advanced course costs £13,000)

1 Year - Foundation in Dance: Total = £4,000 (Plus £500 deposit)

Masters 'Fellowship' in Acting or Directing: £7,200 (Plus £500 deposit)

Degree/Level 6 Top-Up: Total = £6,000 (Plus £500 deposit)


Part-Time - Industry Preparation Course (2 Terms/20 Weeks): Per Term = £400


Funding Your Course

At Aelfa Academy we provide a range of payment plans to ensure all of our passionate students are provided the opportunity to take full advantage of our training & expertise. 

Fees can be paid using the following methods:

  1. Deposit - always paid on full acceptance of a course place (non-refundable)
  2. Full fees due upfront at the start of each academic year
  3. Staggered payments Termly or Half Termly

All staggered payment agreements are made formerly with the academy and payments are made in advance and not in arrears of the Half-Term/Term/Year of study.

For those wishing to apply for a Professional & Career Development Loan - please apply 3 months before you course start date. 

Loans & Financial Assistance

Funding from third party organisations in order to pay the Aelfa Academy tuition fee has been a method utilised by previous students. Some common options have been:

  • Personal bank loans
  • Fund raising schemes
  • Bank of Mum & Dad (As the phrase has been cloned)
  • Professional & Career Development Loans

What is a Professional & Career Development Loan?

The Professional & Career Development Loan is effectively a loan which can be used to assist a students education issued by the Co-operative Bank rather that the government. Students can apply for  amounts ranging from £300 to £10,000 to help pay for a course that is specifically designed to train individuals for a profession. Whilst the student is training, the Skills Funding Agency in conjunction with the Government, pay the interest on the loan. A loan can be taken out for a duration of 1 - 5 years repayments. Once a student completes their training they will begin to make repayments on the loan.

(You should apply 3 months before your course starts to give the bank enough time to process your application. Your credit score and circumstances will be taken into consideration.)

For more information on the loan scheme, please visit this link.

*Third party funding is optional & cannot be guaranteed by The Aelfa Academy Of Dramatic Arts. Students are advised to secure funding before term training begins to avoid any complications or legal proceedings. 

Aelfa will not be accepting applications for training courses for 2018/20
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