Post-Grad Study

All course qualifications are recognized nationally by the ‘National Qualification Framework’ (NQF) for their equivalent learning level to that of UK Degrees.


This course is suitable for anyone who has had a traditional university education in a performance subject and wishes to focus time on developing their professional performance or directing skills whilst gaining a level 7 qualification.

Fellowship students work as an integral part of the Aelfa Company and shape their craft alongside 2nd & 3rd Year ‘Advanced’ students.  This is because the 'Theatrical Craft is The Craft'. However, Fellowship students are required to apply a deeper level of analysis of the process and mastery of their skills, as well as a highly independently driven approach to their academic exploration of performance.

This deeper practical investigative and professionally independent process, allows the ‘Fellowship’ student to aid and work more closely with the academy directors within the training environment, if desired, by taking on the responsibilities such as, Assistant Directors, Assistant Performance Coaches, where possible, as well as taking on highly challenging lead roles, professional work and development of their own performance material for a public audience. This combination of professional theatrical training and internship style opportunities, provides them with professional experiences on which they can base their studies.

As this qualification is provided by Trinity College London - it is in essence an independent level 7 diploma qualification, meaning, any individual can choose to undergo the qualification units without being affiliated to a specific theatrical educational establishment.  What Aelfa Academy can provide is the professional training of 'The Theatrical Craft' and a theatrical environment in which to refine the mastery of professional skills and explore the possible content for the qualification. As well as opening professional connections for the students future career steps into the industry.

The duration of the ‘Aelfa Fellowship’ requires 1-2yrs of study. The total fees payed are for the first year of practical professional training and the exam fees required, as set by Trinity College London annually. The 2nd year of training is provided as a FREE year of extended study, in which the student is still required to attend the academy for practical training and rehearsals in support of the practical exam performance, in order to work with an academy professional. However, students are also required to consolidate their experiences as a performer, in the written word, independently as a reflective practitioner through studies and investigations away from the academy.

There are limited spaces for these course placements (1 - 2 per year).

Aelfa will not be accepting applications for training courses for 2018/20
For 'Professional Performers/Actors' interested in Agency Representation or Production work with Aelfa Century Theatre Company - please email CV & Headshot to