Post-Grad Study

All course qualifications are recognized nationally by the ‘National Qualification Framework’ (NQF) for their equivalent learning level to that of UK Degrees.

This course is suitable for anyone who has had a traditional university education in a performance subject and wishes to focus time on developing their professional performance or directing skills whilst gaining a level 7 qualification.

Fellowship students work as an integral part of the Aelfa Theatrical Company and shape their craft alongside 2nd & 3rd Year ‘Advanced’ students. However, Fellowship students are required to apply a deeper level of analysis of the process.

This deeper investigative process enables the ‘Fellowship’ student to aid and work more closely with the academy directors, by taking on the responsibilities of Assistant Directors, Assistant Performance Coaches as well as taking on highly challenging lead roles, professional work and development of their own performance material for a public audience.

It is also essential that a Fellowship student participates in a professional work experience placement during the course, that satisfies their main focus and supports them in building an effective career connection.

The duration of the ‘Fellowship’ requires 1-2yrs of study. Depending on the students requirements. There are limited spaces for these course placements (2-3 per year).

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